Tres Hombres: Fair transport

Tres Hombres is the world’s only handmade sailing cargo ship in the world.

Three friends, Arjen van der Veen and Jorne Langelaan, from the Netherlands, and Andreas Lackner, from Austria, found each other at sea. In April 2000 they met on board a three-masted barque named Europa and crossed the ocean together as ships boys on a beautiful voyage of more than two months. During this journey, high up in the rigging of this beautiful ship, the dream of emission-free cargo shipping was born and the friends received their nickname Tres Hombres.

In 2007 the three hombres happened to stumble upon the beautifully lined hull of an old German fishing ship, used as a minesweeper in World War II. They immediately fell in love with this wooden wreck and started to plan the hull’s conversion into one of the most beautiful square rigged sailing ships of our time. They built the brigantine in just two years time and sailed off on her maiden trip in December 2009.

Now she sails the seven seas with cargo, and most importantly, without an engine. During the trips across the ocean the long-term vision of sustainable trading and environmental improvement is maintained, resulting in the shipping of various fair-trade and ecological goods, thereby reducing the general carbon footprint of these products.

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