Thirteen years travelling the world

For the last 13 years, Herman and Candelaria Zapp are travelling the world with their four kids. They traversed the coast of South and North America, Asia, Australia and Africa in their 85-year-old vehicle, which has also been their home.

Along the way they have covered almost 200,000 miles and visited more than 40 countries. On their way they had four kids – all born in different countries. Pampa (10) was born in North Carolina, Tehue (7) was born in Argentina, Paloma (4) is a native of Canada and Wallaby (3) is from Australia.

Their message is simple: live your dreams. And they believe that the secret to realise a dream is to start it. Be bold. “The most difficult moment was to begin, leaving everything behind: the family, the house, our work, and our friends, to go directly into the unknown, unpredictable, the strange… But from the time we opened the door of this car and sat down everything has changed in our lives.”

Inspired? Take a look at their website and buy their book to support their dream: www.argentinaalaska.com

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