Let’s talk about…

Sex, pubic hair, flings and more…

A nude shoot for Playboy, fun for four, the ultimate tongue technique and a lesson in shaving pubic hair, there is not much that Nicolette Kluijver couldn’t recite about. In Let’s Talk About… Kluijver tells humorously about her sexual experiences. She discovers everything about brown Barbies at the hospital, she is seduced by a girl and she travels to LA for a thrilling adventure. The intimate stories are complemented with fun facts and tips by sexologist Minke de Boer.

How do you love a woman? What is Karezza ? And what toys should not be missing on your nightstand? In this taboo-breaking book for curious men and women there’s a lot to laugh about and discover between the sheets.

Nicolette Kluijver (1984) presents the program Spuiten en Slikken for six years . From age seventeen she travelled for three years as a model for Elite Models across the world. In 2004 she started as a presenter of 6pack. Many programs followed, including De Klimaatpolitie, Try Before You Die, 3 Op Reis en Vier Handen Op Eén Buik. She also acted in Van God Los and she stood naked in Playboy in 2010.

Design: Diewertje van Wering
Cover: paperback
Pages: 208
Price: € 15,-
ISBN 978 90 446 2423 6
ISBN E-BOEK 978 90 446 2424 3
NUR 400
Published by: Keff & Dessing Publishers








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