Eetlust-10 Top chefs

Aranka van der Pol interviewed ten of the greatest chefs in the world. Looking for the answer to the question: what qualities should you have as a chef? What makes a chef so crazy to stand behind the stove for hours in a hint of sweat and blood? What fuels their fire?

During her search Aranka penetrated the culinary heart of the raw chefs world. Ferran Adria taught her the art of cooking, with Herman den Blijker she hunted on rabbits, Sergio Herman gave a defiant look in the kitchen, Jamie Oliver was angry and Gordon Ramsay pulled the coal from the fire. The result is the recipe for the perfect chef cook.

Eetlust is a book with tasty interviews, which doesn’t only come in handy in the kitchen, but also reads well while sipping a glass of pinot noir or a paste pommodori. Recipes, quotes and character sketches of the chefs make this book a surprising discovery.

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