We love cultural experiences, and you know why? Because we’ve been inspired by people who feel this craziness about art and who told us joyful about it. And that’s exactly what we do as well. We connect happy art lovers, with those who want to get in touch with them.

Because not everyone is affected by the imagery of Dumas, is able to hear the passion of Bach in a composition or feels the sophistication in the fashion designs of Hussein Chalayan. Tom B. is passionate to ensure that these cultural enrichments will be in easy reach. Art with a capital A. should be there for everybody.

Many cultural institutions feel the same way, but even with much effort they don’t succeed to reach that large audience. That is not surprising. When someone is not raised with cultural awareness, he will need to be stimulated in the right way to develop this love. As a cultural sociologist, graduated at the boundary between fashion and art, Tom B. immersed itself in taste and lifestyle patterns, linked to different social classes and subcultures.

Tom B. is a big fan of the sociologists Pierre Bourdieu, Emile Durkheim and Howard Becker and uses their theories for focus group research. Because that’s what we do, we always go back to the core. We’ll get to know what the target audience is interested in. After that we’ll invent how we can use the fragility and beauty of art to reach them. We believe in connection through intensification, in line with the identity of the target group.

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