• eetlust
    Eetlust-10 Top chefs

    Aranka van der Pol interviewed ten of the greatest chefs in the world. Looking for the answer to the question: what qualities should you have as a chef? With Herman den Blijker, Sergio Herman, Ferran Adria, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

  • 13514_coverdefdef.indd
    Publishing travel book

    Tom B. Publishers wrote and published the travel book ‘Een idioot groene roadtrip’ with a preface of tv maker Floortje Dessing.

  • LetsTalkAboutCover1+2
    Let’s talk about…

    A nude shoot for Playboy, fun for four, the ultimate tongue technique and a lesson in shaving pubic hair, there is not much that Nicolette Kluijver couldn’t recite about.

  • IkBen
    Book Meaningful profit

    The book describes a process of change and a quest for a ‘Meaningful Profit’ company. A company with a higher purpose then just earning money.

Last projects

Tuk Tuk Tourevent:741
Travel 94
Promotion Areias do Seixo

Areias do Seixo is a fabulous green hotel one hour from Lisbon, which we loved to promote in different media like De Telegraaf newspaper, Travel2Share.com and the book Een idioot groene road trip.

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