• Tony
    Real authenticity

    Tony Chocolonely, the rebellious chocolate brand that caused a furore with “slave -free chocolate ‘ is now available in every Albert Heijn around the corner.

  • Vervuiling
    Trash in the travel industry

    How come that de Vakantiebeurs (the holiday fair in Utrecht) looks the same for ten years? That travel agents hardly renew ? And most airlines offer the same lousy service ?.

    Hoe komt het toch dat de Vakantiebeurs er al tien jaar hetzelfde uitziet? Dat reisbureaus nauwelijks vernieuwen? Vliegtuigmaatschappijen allemaal dezelfde beroerde service bieden?

  • Blogjournalist
    How not to seduce a journalist

    Journalists have a nose for anything that even remotely smells of commerce. So be prepared and tell a story that’s genuine and entertaining.

  • HappyMeal
    About Happy Meals and spelt flour

    I had high expectations before I went to the debate in de Rode Hoed in Amsterdam about good and safe food for the weaker groups in society .

  • Fionalezend
    SEO copywriter in ten steps

    For most businesses it is important to be findable on Google . Therefore let the competition do not run off with that customer just because he happens to have SEO copywriters working for him.

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Tuk Tuk Tourevent:741
Travel 94
Promotion Areias do Seixo

Areias do Seixo is a fabulous green hotel one hour from Lisbon, which we loved to promote in different media like De Telegraaf newspaper, Travel2Share.com and the book Een idioot groene road trip.

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Every brand has a story. We believe you need to tell compelling stories if you want to engage and motivate people. People aren’t influenced by ‘just the facts’. People are moved by emotion. The best way to connect with other people or brands is by telling a story.
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