Book Meaningful profit

The book describes a process of change and a quest for the ‘ultimate company’. During a period of a few years the company stops all it’s processes, introduces a revolutionary reward system, put’s enormous effort in the individual and team coaching and tries to balance between aiming for maximum financial profit and ‘doing good’.

While being coached, not only Ben Steenstra transformed, also his company began to transform. Instead of chasing ‘big money’, he began to realize that other kinds of ‘profit’ are at least as important. The book is open about the failures and successes of Ben during the transformation, his provoking coaching sessions and the confrontations with himself and his employees.

The end result is a complete new way of looking at doing business. They introduce a ‘Meaningful Profit’ company. A company with a higher purpose then just earning money.

International NLP Master trainer, Neuro Semantic trainer and meta-coach Wassili Zafiris and entrepreneur Ben Steenstra, are the authors of the book called “Ik Ben niet alleen op de wereld” (I am not alone in this world). It was published in 2011 in the Netherlands and twice nominated. Once as business book of the year (2011) and as management book of 2012.

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